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Creating Rules | Training | Archiving

Creating Rules

Relay Station will develop, in consultation with your compliance office, key staff, and other advisors, a written social media policy that includes internal and external components. This foundation document serves as the “rules of the road” for your entire social media program. A social media policy is often a regulatory requirement. Thinking this policy through at the beginning is critical to establishing a thoughtful and effective social media program. Among the issues addressed are:

  • A code of conduct for employee use at work and away from work;
  • Legal disclosure and a statement of the right to monitor employee use at work;
  • Approved platforms at work;
  • Use of the archiving and review system;
  • How compliance will provide oversight;
  • Mandatory training to include instruction in FINRA, SEC, U.S. Dept. of Labor, and—if appropriate—state regulations relevant to social media; and 
  • Disciplinary process for violation of the policy.  

Compliance Training

Once a policy is created, we train your staff to understand what is allowed and what is not. A range of options are available, including individual and group coaching, supervisory instruction, and training conducted throughout your organization.  We can design a program to meet your needs.


Highly-regulated financial firms may spend time and energy to create a social communications policy yet hesitate before implementation. Can employees be controlled? Can regulations be properly abided by? Can regulators be kept at bay? Blocking access is no longer a realistic answer, so an automated social media compliance solution that archives posts, comments, and other types of interactive content can address the challenge. Our association with leading middleware providers offers you an affordable archiving solution. Let’s talk about it.

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