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A funny thing happened on the way to last year’s elections. Using sophisticated online techniques that wedded advanced social media with emotional email marketing, huge amounts of money were raised.   The success of those campaigns caused many nonprofit executives and […]

No matter what type of organization you work for, social media can play an important role in moving prospects down the sales funnel toward the goal of closing a deal.  Whether that’s purchasing a product or service, signing up for membership […]

It’s back! Charles Schwab’s entertaining financial video series returned recently after a five month hiatus. It still features the deadpan humor of host Mike Cianfrocca, is shorter in length—a minute rather than 90 seconds—and is called Tweet of the Week […]

One after another, industries are changing under the onslaught of the Internet. Newspapers reeling…  brick and mortar stores hit by online retailers… universities going online. Will traditional funding of small businesses and entrepreneurs by banks and broker-dealers be next? Maybe. […]

(This post was published earlier this year, but is still very relevant for investment advisors considering a social media program.) “Social media is landscape-shifting” states the U.S. Securities & Exchange Commission in a National Examination Risk Alert, titled “Investment Adviser […]

I caught up with the Financial Planning Association’s Erica Spencer last weekend at a conference in Denver. Erica is the FPA’s web services manager and social media guru. Spencer had more advice for companies and associations that had started a […]

Does your company still have a newsroom where your press releases grow old and die? There’s a better way. Turn it into a news blog. If you are a publicly-traded company, you have an obligation to issue material news that […]

The squeeze began in late-August. Alarm is spreading. The communications manager at my congregation, who is also the administrator of its Facebook page, sent me an email this week. She was dismayed that the number of people seeing their Facebook […]

I recently had lunch in Washington, DC with a friend who is a managing partner of an investment advisory firm with some $800 million in assets under management. After the appetizers had been devoured and we were waiting for our […]

It took awhile to get there, but you finally achieved it. One or more people in your organization is contributing regularly to the company blog. You’ve put in place a social media and email marketing plan and it seems to […]