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The twittersphere is populated by tweeps. But when is a tweet twibel?  OK. Try saying that 20 times in a row! Twibel is a term for a libelous tweet. There have been at least four cases filed in U.S. courts […]

You’ve spent the time and money to build an audience. Now what? How do you engage them and build followers into a true online community that responds and comes back for more? It doesn’t matter which platforms your organization is […]

In a world of 140 character tweets, six-second Vine videos, where anyone can be a publisher online, are you still writing a treatise every time you send an email or publish a blog post? Is Your Content Snackable? Don’t misunderstand […]

Even if you balk at the fees, consider that you’ll still be getting donations you wouldn’t get otherwise. So how can your organization grab its share?

For a second year, online giving to nonprofits grew by double digits in 2013 as more Americans embrace it. Yet, despite the growth in mobile devices such as smartphones and tables, most charitable groups do not have mobile-friendly donation websites. That […]

Does your internal newsletter have the impact you want? You spend a lot of time on it, but wonder if anyone reads it. Or, you know the analytics, and you hide them from your boss or the board. Oh, sorry, did […]

Sarah might look like an ordinary person. If you never went on Facebook, you might not know that she’s in the army. Not the U.S. Army – a Facebook army. Sarah and Bill, Devon and Trish, and others like them […]

At last count, there were over 250 social media platforms in the world. But only two have users that are engaged on a daily basis, sometimes checking in more than once. A third is almost there, too. Can you guess […]

On Tuesday night I had the pleasure of presenting to the University of California Washington Center here in DC  on Tuesday night about using social media to get a job and to advance your career. Social media has become so […]

A prospective client with a large, consumer-oriented business recently asked me how I could be sure his communities were online.  “You’re all about digital,” he said skeptically. “How do I know you can reach my target audiences online?”  He needed […]