Financial Planning Association’s Spencer Talks Social Media

| November 8, 2012 | Be first to comment

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I caught up with the Financial Planning Association’s Erica Spencer last weekend at a conference in Denver. Erica is the FPA’s web services manager and social media guru.

Spencer had more advice for companies and associations that had started a social media program, but are unwilling to devote the resources to make it work. It’s better to delete social media platforms if you’re not going to use them instead of allowing them to hang out in cyberspace abandoned. 

Financial Planning AssociationThe FPA’s online program proved its overall online sophistication earlier this year when it teamed up with the CFP Board and NAPFA to defeat FINRA’s attempt to become the self-regulatory organization for the investment advisory industry.

Of course, it was made easier by the fact that FINRA doesn’t have a comprehensive online presence. But that doesn’t take away from the trio’s campaign. 

I wrote about FPA’s social media network for members, FPA Connect, last year. I was skeptical at the time, warning how difficult it can be to start such a venture. But it appears to be working according to discussions I’ve had with FPA members. 

With Erica Spencer involved, I’d bet on its success. 


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