January 2012

Quipol allows bloggers to get feedback from their audiences with a super simple and customizable polling template.

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Yesterday the Washington DC Chapter of the Internet Society (ISOC-DC) hosted a breakfast round table discussion on SOPA/PIPA and reasonable alternatives to deal with Internet piracy. The discussion was led by noted Internet scholar and author, Rebecca MacKinnon; The MPAA’s Chief […]

You can install an app on your Facebook profile that shares an action and it goes out on your newsfeed and is shared with your friends. 

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Community management, an industry still in its infancy, came a long way in 2011.

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With Twitter making a lot of big changes at the end of 2011, one of the changes that we caught a glimpse of was Twitter brand pages. 

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After two years of allowing FINRA to lead, the U.S. Securities & Exchange Commission finally issued its first major pronouncement about the use of social media in the securities industry.  In fact, it was a four-part proclamation: a National Examination […]

So how do you bring the spark back into a boring email program and inject some va-va-voom into your campaigns?

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Facebook is a place to catch up with friends, share articles and information, and now find kidneys.

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