August 2011

When a problem is avoided or “hushed up,” the blemish becomes more pronounced. 

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When a stranger knocks at your door, you’re wary. If a salesman tries to sell you something you don’t want, you’re skeptical. So do your antennae melt in the Twittersphere? You may have noticed a surge of Twitter phishing lately. […]

QR and other two-dimensional (2D) codes can be readily integrated into your current business marketing practices to bring your online content to a mobile audience in real time.

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 Rather than targeting users that Like a Page, advertisers can simultaneously target all users who Like a variation of a word or phrase. 

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If you write a blog, one syndication tool that should definitely be in your toolbox is NetworkedBlogs. The NetworkedBlogs app is the leading blog syndication and networking blog app on Facebook. It provides bloggers with access to Facebook’s community of […]

Last week, I went down to the DC Central Kitchen with my video camera and paid a visit to William Neuheisel, the DCCK’s Communications Director. The DCCK has been on the forefront of fighting poverty, hunger, and homelessness for over […]

Does your management still think social media is a fad for young people? It’s not at the Veterans Administration.  Yesterday, the VA announced a social media policy that “highly encouraged” the use of Facebook, Twitter, blogs, and other platforms for […]

The mobile world is transforming before our eyes with smartphones and tablets. Here’s how it’s all evolving.

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A potentially lucrative business in archiving social media for investment companies is enticing more competitors to join the race. The most recent announcement was by Symantec for its new Enterprise Vault 10. Though it would be a mistake to dismiss […]